Personalized reputation system in social media platform dedicated to tourism

New types of tourism have been emerged such as agro-tourism, education tourism, medical tourism, adventurous tourism, cultural tourism, business tourism, and ecotourism. With this diversity providing travelers with trustworthy information targeted to their own interests is challenging as well as essential

Gluk Advice B.V. introduces and applies a personalized recommendation system, applied in a social media platform, enabling travellers on one hand to plan their trips and choose travel services such as accommodation, restaurants, and cultural services according to their personal preferences.

On the other hand this platform can be used as operational platform from the touristic industry players, to use as the intermediate for bookings, advertising, promoting offers, etc. The proposed platform enhanced with the recommendation system promotes high quality personalized traveling experience as well as sustainable tourism. Travelers have access to personalized information and recommendations about aspects of a destination like its cultural features, events, sights, and accommodation. In addition is able to maintain their own unique travel experience, share it with friends, and get inspiration from other travelers.